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Native American Peoples.

Touristy Post Cards.
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Potawatomi Native American Family in Vilas County, Wisconsin.


1905 photo of Native American selling baskets. Photo by Arthur J. Kingsbury, of Antigo, WI.

1908 photo by Arthur J. Kingsbury, of Antigo, WI. Kids are kids, no matter what their culture and era.


Post Cards from Winegar, (previous name for Presque Isle) sold to tourists as souvineers.  

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Native Americans are wearing Feather Headdresses which were traditions for "Plains Indian Nations."  This head gear was only worn by Plains Indian Leaders. Woodland Indians which lived in Vilas County did not start wearing such headdresss until Buffalo Bills Wild West Shows showed Native Americans wearing them and reffered to them as "War Bonnets." Also note these Vilas County Native Americans are wearing vests and breechcloths with "Woodland Indian" traditional florial designs. (Plains Indians traditionally decorated their clothing with geometric designs.) Vilas County Native Americans wore such dress for the tourists! Also note the Coup Stick in the center Post Card, this is also a Plains Indian item.

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Native American Peoples.

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