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Maps of Presque Isle Heritage.

A culture built on a rich history of Logging, Tourism and Tradition!

CNW map of Fishing and Hunting Resorts-C.jpg
CNW map of Fishing and Hunting Resorts102.jpg
Hunting & Fishing Resorts reached by the Chicago & North-Western Railway, Co., dated 1903.
PI 1969_edited.jpg
History of Vilas County Civil Towns compiled by; Robert Bersteen in 1969.
Winchester To Winegar.jpg
Shown is the Town of Winchester and Town of Preque Isle.
Town PI Forest_Protection_Dist 3 - 1937.jpg
1937 Forest Protection District No. 3
1953, Presque Isle Township #43.
FYI: The unit of government in Wisconsin is referred to as a civil “town”. In the badger state, a “township” is only the surveying unit that is typically a six-mile by six-mile square.
presque isle 1981.jpg
Presque Isle Quadrangle, 1981 edition, with notes from a researcher James P. Kaysen in 1988.
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