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Presque Isle Heritage Society Museum.
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Vintage household furnishings donated by Presque Isle Residents Resorts and Lodges.

Presque Isle Heritage Society Museum Treasures.

The Presque Isle Heritage Society Museum has a treasured collection of audio and written narratives of the Presque Isle area. We are always looking for help to transpose them into formats that can be shared with present and future residents. Please help us with your skills.

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In the late 1980’s a 1910 small black journal was found in the local garbage dump. The Presque Isle Heritage Society then tracked down its author, Harry Foerster, Sr. This journal goes into detail of a three week canoeing adventure centered on lakes, rivers and creeks south of Fosterville. It can be read in it's entirely within Liza Tuttle’s book Crab Lake Memories. (Link to a transcribed August, 1910 Calander of events.) The journal describes this great adventure in detail of the four men traveling about 60-70 miles! The Small white numbers within the blue circles are the dates in August 1910 when Harry and his buddies canoed through that area.

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