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Picnicking & Fishing with W. S. Winegar.


William S. Winegar, President of the Vilas County Lumber Company (VCLCo), from 1910 to 1926 takes some of his Sawmill bosses and their families on a picnic to the large & beautiful  Presque Isle Lake.

W. S. Winegar is in many of the following photos. How many can you find?

Answer is at the bottom of this page.

picnic 85.bmp

One of the VCLCo Shay steam locomotive engines pulling a few C&N-W Logging Flat Cars into the woods. Note; benches and piles of lumber used for seating on this trip.


The VCLCo Sawmill bosses and their families with a few guides heading to Presque Isle Lake. Wives, friends and sweethearts would bring baskets filled with goodies

picnic 93.bmp
picnic 87.bmp
picnic 72.bmp

Winch could be used to pull the barge onto shore so the ladies could get off without getting their shoes wet.

winch B+W.jpg

¿Mr. Pierce?

Mill Manager


That's W. S. Winegar leaning against a stack of wood platforms thinking "Soon?" as others are preparing lunch for him in the Cook Shack.


"Gee! The bees were bad!" Probably indicate this picnic took place in late summer or early fall? Photograph was taken from the top of the stack of wood  platforms.

boys mom.png
picnic 76a.bmp
pinic 88aa.png
picnic 77.jpg
picnic 81aa.png

Matriarch with her puppy.

Mom and her son.

Dad and his sons.

¿Henry Daily? General Mill Superintendent.

pinic  88bb.png
picnic 88.bmp

Boys will be boys!

picnic 89.bmp
picnic 90.bmp

Sunday evening, the Flat Cars roll back into a Camp Siding. RR fans should note the old time stub switch.

W. S. Winegar appears in 12 photos.

Editors note: The photographer wrote Fosterville on these photos (the Post Office didn’t officially renamed Fosterville to Winegar until 1913). W. S. Winegar took over the VCLCo in 1910 and immediately renamed the village after himself. This probably gives us the three year time frame when this outing took place.

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