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Last Wilderness.

A rich tradition continues.

Town of Presque Isle Community.
Apple Orchard.jpeg

The community center has a trail through the Heritage Apple Orchard. Over 80 trees make up the natural grown heritage orchard -- open for picking! These apples make a delicious snack and are great for hot apple cider and applesauce too. It is not unusual to see deer on the path and visitors love to try the different apples.

A historical story coming down from past residents says Johnny Appleseed is where the first Apple Trees to the Civil Town of Presque Isle came from.

Sensenbrenner Park - Fall Colors.jpg
Sensenbrenner Park - Dam and early Fall Colors.jpg
Sensenbrenner Park.jpg

Presque Isle has created several charming parks within the community. Established in 1988, Sensenbrenner Park is located on Main Street. The highlight of this park is the Little Horsehead Lake Dam (pictured above) and the fishing pier. There is also a wonderful spot to launch your canoe (maps available at the Chamber for paddling routes).

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Town of Presque Isle Community.
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