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Ye Olde Swimmin' Hole

Swimming hole at the west end of Little Horsehead Lake, circa 1910. Some of these pictures say Fosterville, some saw Winegar. The photographer (Probably A. J. Kingsbury of Antigo Wisconsin.) would write on the photograph the name of the village when selling it as a post card to vacationers, even though he photographed the picture prior to the village name being changed.


One and two story Company Houses facing Lake Street (present Presque Isle) on hill top. Picture was probably taken as the photographer set up his equipment on top of dam. Note; one photo had a diving board on top of a raft and the other doesn’t seem to have a diving board.

Present location where these pictures were taken is just north of Sensenbrenner Park looking NE, in the  present Presque Isle.


Families swimming in a small bay in Little Horsehead Lake.

Lake Street

photo 10.jpg

Swimming hole location on a 1937 Arial photo.

Swimming hole location on a USGS 2005 Topographic map.


Bathing at dam.

"We had fun at Fosterville Wis."

Swimmers in creek just below dam. Note; stumps left after harvesting saleable timber. These three boys seem to be in the next four photographs.


A couple photos probably taken one after the other on the same day at slightly different angles.

VCLCo president's home.


Looking from a hill top over Little Horsehead Lake.

Boating above the dam on Little Horsehead Lake.

photo 61.jpg

Dude, posing in front of dam by hill of cutover land with stumps on the opposite shore.

We hope the man in the center of the canoe got proper instructions on the correct way to paddle a canoe after the photo was taken.


Ye Ol' Swimmin' Hole on a cool day with only one boater on Little Horsehead Lake. Photo was taken from the C&NW railroad depot.

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