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Last Wilderness.

A rich tradition continues.

Town of Presque Isle Governments.
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  • officials

  • some board proceedings

  • details on the formation of the original Presque Isle

  • financial details

  • expansion of Presque Isle

  • assessed value of Presque Isle

  • Politics - including several presidential election vote totals

  • The World War - patriotism

Click  --   VILAS COUNTY - ITS’ 1924 ORGANIZATION AND GOVERNMENT to read the above very detailed six (6) pages of details from History of Lincoln, Oneida and Vilas Counties Wisconsin, Chapter XVIII,


During the period of 431 years that has elapsed since the discovery of America by Columbus the territory now consisting the state of Wisconsin has passed under various jurisdictions. in the year following the discovery it was confirmed to Spain by papal grant, but that country never took actual possession of that part of her domains. England also claimed it, basing her claims upon the explorations made by her subjects, and others in her employ, and granted chapters to individuals and companies to vast tracts of land extending indefinitely westward, some of which conflicted geographically with each other.


Practically, however, the upper Mississippi valley may be considered as having been in the first place Canadian soil, for it was Frenchmen from Canada who first visited it and traded with its natives. The names of Canada and New France were used interchangeably to supply to the vast French possessions of the American continent. The name Louisiana was invented by La Salle in honor of the French King, and applied by him to the entire Mississippi valley; but generally speaking, the Canada, or New France of the eighteenth century took in the upper Mississippi valley, while the name Louisiana was used only for the lower valley.

By the Treaty of Paris, signed Feb. 10, 1763, at the close of the French and Indian War, Wisconsin became British territory and so remained for 20 years. Then the American Revolution, ended by the Treaty of Paris of Sept. 3, 1783, made it apart of the United States. The conflicting claims of the coast states, based upon colonial and royal charters, were ceded to the Federal government and the North­west Territory was created, the “Northwest Ordinance-” being passed by the Congress of the Confederation July 13, 1787, some two months or more before the Constitution of the United States was adopted (Sept. 17, 1787). Subsequently there were formed from the Northwest Territory, in addition to Ohio, the terri­tories of Indiana, Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin, the last on April 29, 1836. Wisconsin was a part of the Northwest Territory from July 13, 1787, to May 11, 1800; of Indiana Territory from May, 1800 to Feb. 3, 1809; of Illinois Territory from Feb. 3, 1809 to April 18, 1818, and of Michigan Territory from April 18, 1818 to April 29, 1836, when it became the Territory of Wisconsin. It became a slate in 1848 after several conventions had been held over a series of years to settle vexed questions in regard to boundaries. 

An account of the boundary disputes between this and neighboring states or territories cannot be here given, .................
Jones, George O., Norman S. McVean, and others, comp. History of Lincoln, Oneida and Vilas Counties Wisconsin Minneapolis, MN: H. C. Cooper, Jr. & Co., 1924. Transcribed by Jack L. Winegar

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