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Afternoon Canoeing from Fosterville.

Fosterville - 165.bmp

Possible starting point for a Sunday afternoon adventure of Vilas County Lumber Company employees, over 100 years ago, being guided through Presque Isle's natural resources.

canoe 18.bmp
canoe 20.bmp

Family canoeing adventure. Note; lady on the left is not shown with a paddle near her in any photo!

canoe 23.bmp

Landing for a portage.

canoe 27.bmp

Taking a break between lakes. Editors note: Who wouldn't like the ship lap canoe in the left photo over a modern plastic canoe.

canoe 31.bmp
canoe 29.bmp

Making a portage with guides carrying canoes to their final destination. Is the man in the center of the left photo, J. J. Foster?

canoe 39.bmp

Sunday's destination, a "pretty spot" at the end of the adventure.

canoe 36.bmp

Returning back to Fosterville after an adventure in Presque Isles natural resources.

Editors note: How was it determined this activity took place on a Sunday? They Sawmill operated six days a week!

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