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A rich collection of traditional Resort & Lodge Post Cards.

■  Armour Lake Resort.

■  Art Kleker's Resort.

■  Bay View Resort.

■  Birenwood Resort.

■  Black's Landing.

■  Elk Lodge.

■  Kleker's Resort.

■  Kunschke's Resort.

■  Ox Bow Lodge.

■  Ox Bow Resort.

■  Pine Tree Lodge.

■  Rezny's Resort.

■  Schacht's Resort.

■  Shady Rest Resort.

■  Timber Trails.

If you have information to enhance details about any of these Resorts and Lodges and/or other Resorts and Lodges in the Town of Presque Isle, contact the Presque Isle Heritage Society.

Armour Lake Resort_edited.jpg
L L Cook Armor Lake_edited.jpg
Armour Lake Resort  Mid 20_s_edited.jpg

Sterner Fremsted's Armour Lake Resort over the years.

In 1954 the Armour Lake Resort was operated by Justin and Adella Wilutis. It was advertised with five Modern Housekeeping or American Plan Cottages and Lodge with grounds bordering two lakes (Armour & Horsehesd) - safe sandy beach.

Armour Lake Resort.jpg
Armour Lake Resort Rev.jpg
Bay View 1-3.jpg
Bay View Lodge 3174.jpg
Bay View 5-30-41_edited.jpg
BayView 54_edited.jpg
BayView 56_edited.jpg

Bay View Resort. Left Post Card was mailed in 1941, right Post Card was mailed in 1929. The Bay View Resort was located on Presque Isle Lake.

Bay View 6-23-43_edited.jpg
BayView 7-19-23 PC_edited.jpg

Black & White Post Card was mailed in 1943, the oval is from a Post Card mailed in 1923.

Bay View3_edited.jpg
Bay View Lodge1_edited.jpg
Bay View Lodge0_edited.jpg
Birenwood Resort.jpg
Black's Landing1957.jpg
Black's Landing 1957_edited_edited.jpg

Arthur and Phyllis Black's Landing on Oxbow Lake, in "Winegar", mailed in 1957 from Presque Isle.

In 1954 it was advertised with one Modern and one Semi-Modern Cottage on a Private Island.


Birenwood Resort, in Winegar.

Secluded Restful Vacation Spot.





Elk Lodge Crab Lake Obv1_edited.jpg
Elk Lodge Crab Lake Rev.jpg

Elk Lodge on Crab Lake.

Art Kleker 1_edited_edited.jpg
Art Kleker2_edited.jpg

Art Kleker's Resort in Winegar.

Kleker Resort July 23_edited.jpg
Kleker Resort July23.jpg

View of Art Kleker's Resort. Note three men standing in the shallows waving at the photographer.

Ox Bow_edited.jpg
kun resort_edited_edited.jpg

William (Bill) Kunschke's Ox Bow Resort. By 2001 this resort had been rename Cedar Bay Resort.

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Abundant Friendliness on a Choice Headwaters Lake.

OxBow Resort #3_edited.jpg
Ox Bow Resort 7-25-1939_edited.jpg

Ox Bow Resort, Post Card on right was mailed from Winegar in July, 1939. In 1954 the resort was operated by Al and Florence Mager. It was advertised with three Modern Housekeeping Cottages.

Ox Bow Lodge.bmp
Bill Hill's 356-C_edited.jpg
Bill Hills 15_edited.jpg
Bill Hills_edited.jpg
B Hill1_edited.jpg
Bill Hill's Lodge P-2775_edited.jpg
Bill Hill's Lodge P-2784_edited_edited.jpg

Bill Hill's, Ox Bow Lodge.

Where Vacation is Recreation.

Ox Bow Lodge P-2781_edited.jpg
Bill Hills3.png
Bill Hill's Lodge P-2779_edited.jpg
Ox Bow Lodge P-2777_edited.jpg
Bill Hill's Lodge P-2780_edited.jpg

Valley View.

Slab Haven.

Noo Cabin.

Peaceful Vista.

Woodland Trail at Bill Hill's Ox Bow Lodge.

In 1954 the Ox Bow Lodge was advertised with five Modern and one Semi-Modern Rustic Log Housekeeping Cabins.

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Pine Tree Crab Lake 8-41-19.jpg
PineCrab Lake 8-41-19.jpg

Pine Tree Lodge on Prospero's Island, Crab Lake, Winegar, mailed in August, 1919.

shady rest7-17-53_edited.jpg
shady rest_edited.jpg
Shady 11-7-34_edited.jpg
Shady Rest 11-7-34_edited.jpg

Shady Rest Resort on Presque Isle Lake.

This PC was mailed 1953.

Mailed 1934.

Van Vliet Lake Schacht's.jpg

Schacht's Resort on Van Vliet Lake.

Rezny Rainbow 6-26-53_edited.jpg
Reznys Rainbow 6-26-53.jpg

Tamarack #3 Lodge, at Rezny's Resort in Winegar, mailed in 1953.

H Brousils_edited.jpg
Hank Brousils adj_edited_edited.jpg

Hank Brousil's, Timber Trails.

Post Cards from the collections of Eric R. Benn and Jack L. Winegar.

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